Mathieu Roche demystifies cross-domain reconciliation in this TraderTalkTV episode

  • Posted by Alex Taylor
  • On Jan 05, 2021

“As an industry, we should offer as many technical methods and capabilities as possible to provide publishers and brands with valuable ID, as long as we have consent”.

On November 9, ExchangeWire invited our Mathieu Roche to speak on one of the latest TraderTalkTV Whiteboard episodes, accompanied by Ciaran O’Kane. During the session, Roche’s role was to explain how ID5 links IDs across domains and the importance of using both deterministic and probabilistic methods to achieve scale and accuracy.

TraderTalkTV is the video series hosted by ExchangeWire, encompassing a jam-packed series of whiteboard sessions, webinars and interviews on various topics with industry experts from across the digital advertising landscape.

Watch the video to learn more about:

How ID5 links IDs across domains in environments both with and without cookies to provide an ID that is shared and understood across the entire ecosystem.

How ID5 uses both deterministic and probabilistic methods to create user IDs, thus reducing the number of anonymous users and increasing the addressable audience from 20% to 60 – 70%.

Why the departure of third-party cookies is hugely beneficial for publishers in a variety of ways, and how ID5 helps them to control who accesses their inventory to prevent data leakage.