The ID5 Podcast: Future-proofing Digital Advertising EP3 with MediaMath’s Joe Zawadzki

  • Posted by Alex Taylor
  • On Jul 29, 2021

Introducing episode three of The ID5 Podcast’s very first series: Future-proofing Digital Advertising.

ID5 has invited industry and subject matter experts to discuss and shed light on the latest developments, technologies and regulations that are disrupting the industry to answer one pressing question: how can we make digital advertising more sustainable?

In this third episode of Future-proofing Digital Advertising, ID5 has invited Joe Zawadzki, MediaMath’s CEO to discuss and shed light on how the industry is moving forward. Mathieu Roche, host of the Podcast and Co-Founder & CEO of ID5 discusses various topics with Zawadzki including:

  • Is the digital advertising industry growing sustainably? Not yet, according to Zawadzki. Twenty years ago, the third-party cookie was never meant to be the backbone of a half trillion dollar industry, but it has indeed become just that. A lot of cracks have evolved since then and the industry has had to build itself around them. That is not sustainable in theory or practice.
  • Transparency is key; if you have trust and transparency in the advertising backbone then you’re building on something durable.
  • Right now we’re in a world where the Open Web is on one end and the Walled Gardens are on the other. Is this our chance to make the Open Web sustainable by building a trusted, collaborative ecosystem for brands to lean into?
  • Does the market have more of a long-term vision now, or are we still in a short-term paradigm?
  • And of course, three pointers from Zawadzki on how we can be making the industry more sustainable right now.

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