The ID5 Podcast: Future-proofing Digital Advertising EP5 with Publicis’ Jess Simpson

  • Posted by Alex Taylor
  • On Aug 16, 2021

Introducing episode five of The ID5 Podcast’s very first series: Future-proofing Digital Advertising.

ID5 has invited industry and subject matter experts to discuss and shed light on the latest developments, technologies and regulations that are disrupting the industry to answer one pressing question: how can we make digital advertising more sustainable?

In this fifth episode of Future-proofing Digital Advertising, ID5 has invited Jess Simpson, Publicis’ SVP, Global Identity, Data and Tech Consulting to discuss privacy and brands’ engagement with industry developments. Mathieu Roche, host of the Podcast and Co-Founder & CEO of ID5 discusses various topics with Simpson including:

  • Are brands ready to engage in an explicit value exchange with consumers?
  • We are migrating from a ‘simple’ world to a better world that is user-centric, consented, privacy-safe and maybe even scalable. How are brands looking at this transition?
  • How much do we need to work on simplifying things as an industry, outside of the Walled Gardens, to make sure that we are a sustainable destination for brands’ investments?
  • Regarding privacy, we are seeing two understandings, where on one hand authentication is associated with consent, and on the other hand, from a GDPR standpoint, it’s all about transparency and consent irrespective of the technical implementation. How are you looking at this?

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