Join us for Identity 2022

  • Posted by Alex Taylor
  • On Dec 02, 2021

ID5’s annual event is back, and this year it will be bigger and more insightful than ever before. We have partnered with some of the most renowned innovators and thought leaders in the identity space, including Adform, InMobi, MediaMath, Piano and PubMatic, to create a jam-packed schedule of educational and compelling content.

2021 has been nothing short of an eventful year in the identity space, primarily with Google postponing the deprecation of third-party cookies and Apple’s latest updates. We can expect a pivotal year in 2022 as the industry prepares to migrate to a new privacy-focused infrastructure that does not rely on traditional identification methods such as third-party cookies and MAIDs. 

The goal with Identity 2022 is to help you navigate through all the changes and provide you with the information needed to evaluate and test all the technologies and methodologies available in ensuring that your business is prepared to thrive in the new era of digital advertising. 

If you’re keen on learning more about how to approach all the technical and regulatory changes, how identity innovators and thought leaders are helping their clients get ready for the transition and best practices and advice on how to make the most of the year ahead, join us for Identity 2022.

The virtual event will take place on Wednesday 26 January 2022 at 3 pm GMT / 4 pm CET / 10 am EST.


Session descriptions

The Future of Audience Addressability: Trends in the shift towards a cookieless future – by Smart

Join Marine Desoutter, Product Marketing Lead, Demand at Smart as she shares some key insights from Smart’s upcoming Identity Indicator V3 release. The report features key trends from eight major markets on identity topics ranging from GDPR consent rates to alternative ID usage.

Privacy and Data Protection Standards to implement in 2022 – by ID5

Learn how the IAB Tech Lab Standards fit into the Identity landscape in this Identity 2022 session with Alex Cone, VP Privacy & Data Protection at the IAB Tech Lab. Alex will explain why it is important for the digital advertising industry to lean into data protection and privacy standards, no matter the region where they operate. The conversation will be followed by a Q&A with Morwenna Beales, VP, Strategic Partnerships, ID5 to get some actionable takeaways to inform your identity strategy for 2022 and beyond.

What will consent look like in the post third-party cookie era? – by MediaMath

Join MediaMath’s session on exploring identity and the post-third-party cookie era and how it will work with new privacy addressability solutions. Speakers include Fiona Campbell-Webster, Chief Privacy Officer, MediaMath, Thomas Adhumeau, Chief Privacy Officer at Didomi and Rafael Marti, Head of Legal, ID5, moderated by Andrew Hayward-Wright, Programmatic Advisor, IAB Europe.

Taking 1st Party IDs to the next level – by Adform

In this panel discussion, we deep dive into the technicalities surrounding first-party IDs. We take a look at the OpenRTB protocol, encryption needs, consent, and various factors impacting the future of identity. What is the current coverage of first-party IDs? How can this be improved? Join Helen Ureta, Account Manager, Agencies and Enterprises, Adform, Martin Hill, VP, Solutions Consulting, Adform, Anissa Connor, Product Expert, ID5 and Alena Morris, Director, Product Marketing, PubMatic as they explore some of these vital questions.

ID in Action: How Publishers Are Implementing Cookie Alternatives – by Piano

As consumer privacy and consent take center stage, using first-party data to create a stronger value exchange with audiences is a top priority for publishers. After spending 2021 investigating and evaluating solutions, organizations are now entering the implementation phase to lay the foundation for long-term success in a post-cookie world. But what does it really take to choose an identity solution and integrate it into your tech stack? Does your organization have the right resources in place? Join Piano Chief Growth Officer Joanna Catalano in conversation with Piano clients to learn how publishers are actively implementing identity solutions with the end of third-party cookies looming. Panellists include Olli Järvilehto, COO, Relevant Digital and Olivier Evrard, DPO, IPM Group.

Case study: how next-generation IDs help increase reach across and all browsers – by ID5

The demise of third-party cookies from the digital advertising ecosystem and changes to IDFA require buyers to implement new audience targeting and measurement solutions. To maximise audience engagement and reach, media buyers are looking for solutions that enable the testing of different audience targeting approaches.
In this session moderated by ID5′ Joanna Burton, Carl Liverstam, Managing Director Nordics at Platform161 (Now Part of Verve Group) and Jakob Nilsson, Sales Director, Advertiser Solutions, PubMatic Northern Europe will talk about how they collaborated with Scream Malmo to devise an audience targeting strategy for a leading weight loss brand looking to target in-market mobile users. Join the session to learn how the deployment of next-generation IDs helps develop a long-term addressability strategy.

A privacy-focused approach to Identity – a fire-side chat with DeepIntent’s CEO, Chris Paquette – by ID5

Forward-looking digital advertising players understand the importance of building a privacy-first identity strategy. This is especially key for technology platforms working with highly sensitive data and operating in exceptionally regulated industries.
In this session, ID5’s CEO, Mathieu Roche, will interview DeepIntent’s CEO, Chris Paquette, to understand how the healthcare Demand Side Platform is tackling Identity and future-proofing their business in preparation for the post-cookie world. Tune in to learn about the challenges that DeepIntent faces in a highly regulated industry – including how they approach healthcare professionals and patients – and how they overcome them thanks to their technology, expertise and collaborations.

Identifying the Future of Mobile Identity in 2022 and Beyond – by InMobi

Between GDPR and ATT, it’s becoming harder than ever for advertisers and publishers to effectively identify their best mobile audiences. And with Google expected to soon roll out changes to GAID, the problem looks to become even worse down the road. But despite all this, there’s hope yet! In this session, InMobi will highlight how both advertisers and publishers can use available solutions to honor user privacy and effectively identify their desired audiences on mobile. In this session, you will learn: Why app publishers need to work with multiple identifiers/identity solutions to maintain addressability. Why first-party data has become more important than ever, and how data lakes can help advertisers and publishers resolve some of their identity challenges. How to leverage on-device targeting and identity graphs, and why they’re vital for in-app identity. Looking to reach mobile audiences and monetize apps in a new identity landscape? Then this session is for you! Join Cecilia N’zaou, Senior Product Marketing Manager, InMobi, Jeremy Huber, Head of Intelligence Solutions, InMobi and Davide Rosamilia, Director of Product Management, ID5 to explore these topics further.

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