CPEx integrates the ID5 ID to help advertisers reach users in cookieless environments and increases click-through rate by 62%

  • Posted by Jo Rosamilia
  • On Jan 20, 2022

Due to the restrictions of third-party cookies, particularly on Firefox, Safari and Edge, companies from across the ad-tech industry are increasingly looking to test alternatives that will enable advertisers to continue to reach users in cookieless environments.

Once such case is CPEx, who worked with DSP, Adform, SSP, Magnite, as well as a major European brand, to test a variety of next-generation identifiers, including the ID5 ID, and document the results.

In the Czech Republic, 25 to 50 % of online traffic is currently unaddressable and 30% of online users are unreachable via third-party cookies. This means that advertisers are unable to implement campaign strategies such as frequency capping and campaign optimization on this tranche of users.

To counteract these limitations and ensure advertisers would be able to continue to run, optimize and measure campaigns efficiently at scale in a post-cookie world, CPEx began looking for universal identifiers that could be successfully implemented on their inventory.

The test results showed the benefits of the ID5 ID were threefold:

Increased Reach
The implementation of ID5 IDs on CPEx inventory resulted in 74x more impressions on Safari and Firefox in comparison to the control group.

More Efficient Campaign Performance
Using ID5 IDs, the test campaign generated a significantly higher level of engagement, with a 62% increase in the click-through rate.

Better Return on Investment
The major European brand was able to achieve a much higher ROI in the campaign thanks to a decrease of 39% in the cost per click.

Lukáš Šmol, Head Of Production at CPEx commented: “In CPEx, we like to test things. Sometimes a test yields an interesting insight, sometimes it provides a practical tool we can use in your day-to-day business. In this case, we’ve got both. The use of ID5 showed a significant improvement in campaign performance in a cookieless environment. That not only helps us to better prepare for the cookieless future, but also enables us to better monetize our inventory today.”

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