Identity 2022 sessions: What will consent look like in the post third-party cookie era? with MediaMath

  • Posted by Alex Taylor
  • On Apr 22, 2022

What will consent look like in the post third-party cookie era? with MediaMath was the third session of our annual event, Identity 2022, airing back in January.

In this session, IAB Europe’s Programmatic Advisor, Andrew Hayward-Wright sits down with MediaMath’s Chief Privacy Officer, Fiona Campbell-Webster, Didomi’s Chief Privacy Officer, Thomas Adhumeau, and ID5’s Head of Legal, Rafael Marti. They explore identity and the post third-party cookie era and how it will work with new privacy addressability solutions

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key takeaways:

  • Consent will continue to be relevant after the deprecation of third party cookies. Therefore, publishers shouldn’t be removing their consent management tools.
  • In a post-third-party cookie world, data subjects continue to have the right to know what data is collected about them, who it is being shared with, and what other information is being combined.
  • With the phase-out of third-party data, it will be crucial for companies and publishers to choose their CM platforms carefully. There is a massive opportunity for these platforms to showcase the value of their technology in implementing responsible advertising.
  • The deprecation can bring more privacy and transparency to users, giving:
    • Businesses the opportunity to improve transparency and opt-in processes
    • Publishers the opportunity to retool their tracking and targeting strategies and take control of their own data (i.e., data collected on their websites).

Watch the session from Identity 2022 below.