How-to guide: publisher integration of the ID5 ID via Google Secure Signals

  • Posted by Alex Taylor
  • On Jun 07, 2022

If you are a publisher considering integrating the ID5 ID, keep on reading to find out how straightforward it is to integrate with us via Google Secure Signals.

We know that the new era of digital advertising is daunting – the entire industry having to adapt to a world without traditional identifiers is quite the task. With many solutions emerging to tackle this, the landscape can be confusing to navigate. At ID5, we want to make that process as smooth and transparent as possible.

You can see each of the steps involved with integrating via Google Secure Signals below. Or, if you’re interested in seeing how to integrate via other platforms, you can take a look at how to do so via Amazon Publisher Services (APS) here. And stay tuned for more ‘how to’ guides in the coming weeks.

But first, if you need more convincing on why integrating the ID5 ID is the best step forward – did you know that the ID5 ID is the most adopted cookieless ID on the sell-side today? On top of this, the privacy-first ID5 ID is proven to empower publishers in improving audience addressability and growing sustainable revenue across all environments without reliance on traditional identifiers. Don’t take our word for it, check out these case studies and see for yourself.

Integrating the ID5 ID via Google Secure Signals:

Step 1: Request ID5 Partner Number – Publishers need an ID5 Partner Number to integrate, if they don’t have one, they can request one via this link.

Step 2: Add code to website – Once you have the Partner Number, add the following code to the head part of your website:


window.ID5EspConfig = {

  partnerId: 123 // 123 should be modified with your own partnerId



Step 3: Enable ID5 as a module – After updating your website, enable ID5 as a module directly within the Google Ad Manager UI. More details on this can be found here.

Step 4: You’re all set!

What exactly is Google Secure Signals, and why should you integrate the ID5 ID via this platform?

Google Secure Signals is a program where publishers can easily deploy third-party tech on their website for collecting publisher signals (i.e. universal IDs) and then automatically send them to Google with minimum effort. Google will forward the signals along to integrated buyers via Google OpenBidding and Google AdExchange. Publishers benefit by bringing their identity strategy to their Google tech stack with a lightweight integration, resulting in more addressable inventory and improved monetisation.

This integration leads to a whole host of benefits for publishers, empowering them with:

  • Increased bid density and higher win rates, leading to better monetisation of traffic in environments where third-party cookies are not available
  • Privacy-by-design technology that respects and enforces privacy in the advertising value chain
  • Encryption mechanism ensuring that ID5 IDs are only shared with authorised partners 
  • Suitability for all web publishers regardless of the size of their authenticated audience

For more information, contact our dedicated publisher team at

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