DMEXCO 2022: ID5’s breakfast event highlights

  • Posted by Alex Taylor
  • On Sep 26, 2022

After three years, ID5 has finally made it back to DMEXCO for 2022! We decided to kick things off with a breakfast event, incorporating a lineup of panel discussions and presentations to share the latest developments on identity in digital advertising. Keep on reading to find out the highlights from the conversations that took place:


ID5’s Chief Strategy Officer, Joanna Burton opens the event by sharing some of ID5’s growth highlights.

  • ID5 has been growing significantly over the past year – today, we have almost 600 publishers on board
  • We now see more than 6 billion devices around the world every month over 110 thousand domains
  • We are the most adopted ID on the supply side according to
  • Our team has increased to 43 people

What is the state of digital identity in 2022?

ID5’s VP Sales & Business Development, Joseph Quaglia shares a sneak preview of the results from our upcoming report, The State of Digital Identity 2022. See below for some of the results, and stay tuned for the full report coming soon

  • Between July-September 2022, we turned to the industry and asked 164 publisher, advertiser and adtech respondents a series of questions on identity and how they are best preparing for the future
  • 69% of advertiser respondents reported wanting to reach cookieless audiences today, and 87% believe that they are missing out on the opportunity of reaching them
  • What is the industry doing to help with this? 63% of respondents report having already adopted one solution or more

How adtech companies are already making the most of the cookieless present

Following the fruitful testing of the ID5 ID, speakers Tom Peruzzi, CTO, Virtual Minds, Dr Ralf Kiene, CEO, OS Data Solutions, Abdelkader Barjiji, Senior Vice President of Product Management Digital & Data, Ströer, and Joanna Burton, Chief Strategy Officer, ID5 (moderator) discuss industry developments in the cookieless present. See below for some of the best bits.

  • Ströer has seven ID solutions running currently on their network
  • Clients are keen to know which ID will be the one we use in the future – they’re still waiting for the silver bullet
  • It’s not fair to compare identity solutions with cookies – they offer much more than the cookie
  • In the future, we should not be ID agnostic – we need to make a decision on which to use for each use case which will, in turn, help our customers
  • Making use of identity in segments is something we will see more of in 2023

Beyond the browser: Multichannel Identity

Speakers Pamela Ibarra, Vice President, Partner Management, InMobi, Lisa Kalyuzhny, RVP Advertiser Solutions EMEA, Pubmatic, Sasha Auzins, EMEA Head of Data, Identity and Buyer Strategy, Prohaska, and Davide Rosamilia, Director of Product, ID5 (moderator) discuss how identity can be achieved on all channels. See below for some of the best bits.

  • Education is key for advertisers to be able to operate across channels that may be out of their comfort zone. Without education, there is a lot of room for fear mongering
  • HEMs are not the answer for everyone – nobody puts in an email to check the weather , so there has to be other options
  • Consent and privacy are here to stay – it is non-negotiable and not something we can play around with. If the user comes in and says “I don’t want to see this/this is not valuable to me”, it’s imperative for us as an industry to understand that and react to that in a way that makes sense
  • To make the user happy we need to outline a clear value exchange, i.e. the action and reward concept and work closely with our publishers and buyers to carry out this valuation