ID5 and Eyeota strengthen global collaboration to empower buyers in the cookieless future

  • Posted by Alex Taylor
  • On May 03, 2023

ID5 and Eyeota are pleased to announce that you can now leverage the ID5 ID to activate Eyeota’s audiences across all digital channels globally.

Eyeota, a Dun & Bradstreet company, is a trusted global provider of audience solutions, enabling brands and advertisers to boost insights, enhance personalization and transform omnichannel targeting of their campaigns to effectively reach their ideal customers.

The impending demise of the third-party cookies in 2024, combined with the unavailability of cookies in major browsers like Safari, has forced brands to focus on reassessing the value exchange with their customers and implement new strategies and solutions to leverage data.  

This expanded collaboration between ID5 and Eyeota is part of Eyeota’s commitment to delivering ID agnostic audience solutions that are interoperable and addressable for brands and advertisers activating across omnichannel environments. 

With their marketplace of 50,000+ audience profiles, including socio-demographic, lifestyle, interest, and purchase intent segments categorized across industry standard verticals and seasonal events, Eyeota delivers ready to activate or custom-build audiences across the adtech ecosystem of SSPs, DSPs, CDPs, social and retail media channels for agencies and advertisers to enrich their campaigns. 

Signal loss has a large impact on data activation, and ID5 enables buyers to leverage Eyeota’s valuable segments across all environments. 

The combination of ID5’s publisher footprint, which is the largest in the industry, and Eyeota’s globally available audience solutions, provides marketers with the scale and multi-market coverage they need to seamlessly engage with their target customers on digital channels.

Additionally, ID5’s consent-based technology and encryption mechanism ensures that users’ preferences are respected, that data is protected and only accessed by authorized parties.

“Today’s consumers exist in a multi-channel digital reality, and they expect advertisers to acknowledge that reality with cohesive, personalized messaging,” said Kristina Prokop, CEO and co-founder of Eyeota. “Thanks to ID5’s expansive publisher footprint, we are excited to strengthen our collaboration to provide the scale and market coverage advertisers need to leverage addressable, trusted and global data for their digital marketing needs.”

“As we move closer to a cookieless world, now is the time for brands to looking at alternative identifiers to future-proof their digital advertising strategies,” Prokop added.

We are excited to strengthen our relationship with Eyeota and offer this new capability. As the 5th anniversary of the enforcement of GDPR approaches, and all sights are set on the cookieless future, it is important for marketers and advertisers to have the tools that allow for effective and compliant targeting, collection and data activation. To learn more about the collaboration and how you can start leveraging Eyeota’s data marketplace via the ID5 ID, reach out to