Webinar: Raising Your Privacy Standards & Picking The Right Partners

  • Posted by Jo Rosamilia
  • On May 09, 2023

Trust and transparency are crucial for the companies participating in today’s media landscape as well as the consumers whose data is being collected and leveraged to facilitate their businesses. As a company, you can be very diligent in implementing technology and processes to comply with data protection regulations. But you alone are not enough to ensure that you as a business are compliant.

While trust is one thing, it’s imperative that you select partners that also follow the same high standards that you set for yourself. In a crowded landscape with many publisher networks, ad tech platforms, retail media platforms, and data providers to choose from, it’s more important than ever to ensure you are working with partners that prioritize privacy-first practices. 

To learn more about the measures companies should take when it comes to their own data privacy and how they can ensure that their partners follow the same, high privacy compliance standards, join us for a webinar on June 1 at 4pm CET/ 3pm BST / 10am EDT with Digiday’s Ronan Shields, as well as Neutronian and Eyeota.

Speakers include:

By joining the webinar, viewers will have the opportunity to:

  • Find out how working with privacy-first solutions can positively impact the quality of your own data protection practices
  • Learn from privacy pioneers in the digital advertising industry who are already doing the right things when it comes to data privacy
  • Learn how to evaluate partners more effectively based on data privacy standards

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