Let’s stay connected

  • Posted by Mathieu Roche
  • On Mar 19, 2020

Dear partners and friends,

I hope that you, your loved ones and your teams are in a safe and sound condition.

We wanted to inform you that ID5 has taken all necessary measures to ensure that our services run uninterrupted and that our people are available to support you while working safely from the comfort of their home. You may witness unexpected participants make an appearance on your video calls with us (I can assure you that ID5 doesn’t have any underage staff!). You may even have a glimpse at some of our unsuccessful interior decoration efforts. But overall, I can assure you that we will be as ready as ever to discuss solutions to digital advertising’s identity challenge in the weeks to come.

As we are unlikely to meet in person for several months, we will increase our efforts to bring you educational and innovative content via digital channels. We will curate more identity-related stories to make sure you remain on top of the topic. We will release a new guide to digital advertising identity that you can share with your colleagues and partners. And we will organise regular online webinars to discuss this most important topic with other industry professionals.

The COVID-19 pandemic provides a timely reminder of publishers’ role as a premium source of information and entertainment for the global population. A role that is mostly supported by data-driven advertising. In less than 2 years, all browsers will prevent the use of 3rd party cookies, forcing the digital advertising industry to redesign its very foundation. The current health crisis provides us with a brilliant reminder of why this effort is worth it. It also shows us the way to solve the identity crisis faced by digital advertising: together, as an industry. 

Stay strong, be safe, and see you on the other side! 

Mathieu Roche