Webinar: Diversity in digital advertising – are we doing enough?

  • Posted by Valbona Gjini
  • On Jul 08, 2020

Diversity has become an increasingly important discussion topic in the digital advertising industry in the last few years and it has recently been amplified by the #blacklivesmatter movement and protests around the world. Have we, as an industry, done enough to support diversity in our organisations and in our initiatives? Some have probably done more than others, but we can recognise that our industry is far from being a fair representation of society’s overall diversity.

At ID5, we have put lots of effort and focus on gender diversity,  but we have recently realised that we have massively overlooked the also very important topic of ethnic diversity. From now on, we commit to organising fully diverse panels and to encouraging the organisers of events in which we are involved to do the same.

We wanted to understand the reasons behind the lack of representation of people of colour in our industry, as well as our own limitations. That’s why we have invited some of the people who have been vocal on this topic to join us for an open and honest discussion on “Diversity in digital advertising – are we doing enough?”.

If you are interested in learning more about the lack of ethnic diversity in the industry, how we got in this situation, unconscious bias and what we can do to make things better, watch the discussion with Denielle Govender from Maverick Advertising, Michael Olaye from Outbrain, Andrew Rajanathan from Publicis Media, Osita Osadebe from Thomson Reuters and our CEO Mathieu Roche on 9 July. The conversation will take place in the early afternoon of 9 July. It will be recorded and made available on our YouTube channel and on this blog post straight away. Stay tuned!

Update: unfortunately, two of the speakers we invited were not able to join the webinar today. Nevertheless, Ozzie, Michael and Mathieu had an interesting and conversation and were able to cover a good range of topics.