The ID5 Podcast: Future-proofing Digital Advertising EP2 with Sparrow Advisers’ Ana Milicevic

  • Posted by Valbona Gjini
  • On Jul 22, 2021

Introducing episode two of The ID5 Podcast’s very first series: Future-proofing Digital Advertising.

ID5 has invited industry and subject matter experts to discuss and shed light on the latest developments, technologies and regulations that are disrupting the industry to answer one pressing question: how can we make digital advertising more sustainable?

In this second episode of Future-proofing Digital Advertising, ID5 has invited Ana Milicevic, Sparrow Advisers’ Co-founder and Principal to discuss and shed light on how the Open Web can compete against tech giants in the new era of identity. Host of the Podcast and Co-founder & CEO of ID5 discusses various topics with Milicevic including:

  • Boom and bust cycles represent a significant part of the industry when considering sustainability. There is new life forming within old industry topics, such as conversations surrounding ad servers and order management. Similarly, backtracking a few years ago, not so many people cared about the third-party cookie, but today these same people now realise how much they truly rely on cookies and identity.
  • The value exchange is often unclear to consumers. Many do not understand why they are seeing ads, this is something we need to work on a lot more heavily as an industry.
  • Digital advertising is owned by a handful of trillion dollar companies in today’s world. How much of a risk are tech giants posing on creating a sustainable advertising future outside of their walls?
  • Where is the focus in terms of the strength within the open market? What criteria is key when building this alternative to the Walled Gardens?

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