The ID5 Podcast: Future-proofing Digital Advertising EP7 with Mobile Dev Memo’s Eric Seufert

  • Posted by Valbona Gjini
  • On Aug 26, 2021

Introducing episode seven of The ID5 Podcast’s very first series: Future-proofing Digital Advertising.

ID5 has invited industry and subject matter experts to discuss and shed light on the latest developments, technologies and regulations that are disrupting the industry to answer one pressing question: how can we make digital advertising more sustainable?

In this seventh episode of Future-proofing Digital Advertising, ID5 has invited Eric Seufert, Mobile Dev Memo Owner and Analyst, to discuss privacy, the post-ATT world and more. Mathieu Roche, host of the Podcast and Co-Founder & CEO of ID5 discusses various topics with Seufert including:

  • Digital advertising is the fuel that powers content and services, and there’s certainly a lot of hedwins, including IDFA changes and the privacy mirage. How do you see these playing out?
  • Predatory privacy is using privacy as a means to strengthen one’s competitive position. What are some of the most obvious initiatives going in this direction?
  • From a consumer standpoint, who should care about privacy?
  • Should we have a more direct dialogue with consumers around the notions of using data?
  • Is there a risk of disconnection through the overuse of granular personal data?
  • What has changed in the world post-ATT?

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