The Essential Ingredients To Create A Future-Proofed Infrastructure

  • Posted by Jo Rosamilia
  • On Dec 13, 2021

How can the adtech industry ensure its long-term sustainability?

The forthcoming deprecation of third-party cookies, as well as mobile advertiser IDs (MAIDs), have been of grave concern to many within the industry since they were announced. Publishers and app developers currently rely on third-party cookies and MAIDs to better monetise their inventory, while brands leverage them to control the distribution of their marketing messages and measure their results.

While many in the industry cheered as Google announced a two-year stay of execution on the third-party cookie, marketers and publishers are already feeling the pressures of a cookieless world. Safari, Firefox & Edge have all already stopped supporting third-party cookies by default.

In Exchangewire’s Data Infrastructure Review, our Marketing Director, Valbona Gjini, reviews the state of digital identity today and explains why signal diversity and a focus on privacy compliance are the key ingredients to creating a future-proofed infrastructure.

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