Identity 2022 sessions: Identifying the Future of Mobile Identity in 2022 and Beyond with InMobi

  • Posted by Valbona Gjini
  • On Feb 17, 2022

Identifying the Future of Mobile Identity in 2022 and Beyond by InMobi was one of the eight sessions of ID5’s annual event, Identity 2022, airing back in January.

In this session, InMobi’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cecilia N’zaou, is joined by InMobi’s Head of Intelligence Solutions, Jeremy Huber, and ID5’s Director of Product Management, Davide Rosamilia. They discuss the future of mobile identity from both the publisher and advertiser perspective.

Let’s take a closer look at what was covered:

  • A look into the current state of identity and addressability. Including the difficulty for brands in reaching their audiences due to the combination of IDFA unavailability in-app and third-party cookie unavailability in Safari.
  • Advertisers’ response to current industry changes centre around organising and preparing for two groups of consumers, addressable and non-addressable. Advertisers and consumers want the same thing: to have meaningful conversations.
  • There is a clear difference between mobile publishers and app developers responses to industry changes compared with web-based publishers. Many mobile-first publishers were and remain relatively unprepared for the initial release of ATT.
  • There are many examples of publishers taking different approaches to the Apple ATT framework prompts. Some publishers are testing the language, the design, or pre-ATT native prompts. These approaches have led to higher opt-in rates than the industry predicted. InMobi sees 40% across the InMobi exchange.
  • More than ever, privacy changes are pushing publishers to think about the value they bring to their users in exchange for their data.
  • The role of identity solutions in 2022 will centre around the need for guidance by publishers and advertisers. It will also, of course, centre around the technical side of providing a reliable solution that complies with privacy developments.

Watch the full session below.