Q&A with ID5: Slickdeals

  • Posted by Valbona Gjini
  • On Feb 22, 2022

Introducing the Q&A blog series with ID5, where we invite publisher, advertiser and adtech partners from across the globe to share their insights about the current state of the industry and beyond. Tune in each month as industry leaders answer our questions on their identity strategies, client concerns, the sustainable future of digital advertising, and more.

Kicking the series off, we are joined by Kevin Son, Manager, Ad Operations from the online shopping platform, Slickdeals.

Read the full Q&A below:

Tell us about Slickdeals and its audience?

Slickdeals is the only shopping platform powered by millions of shoppers helping shoppers. 

Our goal is to help savvy shoppers win at shopping, by providing insights from millions of real people on what products to buy, and where to buy them for the best price. In the past 22 years, Slickdeals has helped users save $10 billion and currently has over 12 million active monthly users.

How much of a concern is the ‘cookiepocalypse’ at Slickdeals?

While the ‘Cookiepocalypse’ is a concern for us, we also view it as a valuable opportunity to highlight the importance of our 1st party data to brands in a way that protects the privacy of our users. Brands want to reach their target audience and users want to protect their online privacy. When we leverage first party data to deliver a relevant ad experience, we help brands win and we help savvy shoppers win. 

What is your approach to identity?

Slickdeals has been evaluating and testing emerging technologies to improve programmatic performance, continue to help brands succeed, and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

What key questions do your advertisers ask about your approach to identity?

Advertisers want to know how to reach their audience effectively. They want to know how to connect with us, what our targeting capabilities are, or if there are opportunities to test and optimize for performance. Reporting capability and granularity are also important. In answering all of these questions, it’s key to maximize performance and minimize friction.

What are your thoughts on how the digital media industry is growing today?

The digital media industry is growing at a rapid pace while trying to address concerns of users in an honest and effective way. The goal is not simply to find a replacement for third party cookies. Rather, the goal is to find a solution that respects the privacy of users, allows brands to continue to reach their audience, and enables publishers and content creators to continue to do what they do best. 

What do you think needs to be done to ensure the sustainable future of digital advertising?

It’s important for all parties involved in digital advertising to continue to work together on building a technology that allows advertisers to reach the audience while still being able to support publishers and content creators through advertising. To do that, we’ll need industry-wide testing and adoptions of various new solutions including identifiers.