Q&A with ID5: PubMatic

  • Posted by Valbona Gjini
  • On Jul 01, 2022

In this issue of ID5’s Partner Q&A series, we sit down with PubMatic’s Regional Vice President, Addressability, EMEA, Kofi Amoako to ask him nine questions around identity and preparing for the oncoming changes.

What is the series all about? The Q&A with ID5 series invites its publisher, advertiser, and platform partners to share their insights on the big questions and hot topics circulating the digital media industry today. Tune in each month for new editions featuring thought leaders and experts from across the space.

Read on to find out what you can expect from the video Q&A, and hit the play button below to watch:

How much of a concern is the deprecation of traditional identification methods such as third-party cookies and MAIDs for PubMatic?

From market to market, what differences do you see in the approaches to identity?

How do we achieve the right balance between privacy and addressability?

What is your biggest focus for the year ahead as an SSP?

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