S2 EP6 with Kevin Fernandes, Havas Media Group: ‘we have seen a 16% uplift in user engagement’

  • Posted by Valbona Gjini
  • On Oct 13, 2022

ID5’s summer podcast, How to Thrive in the Cookieless Present, turns to experts from across the industry to share their findings and case study results since developing their identity strategies. We want to help you to better understand what works and what doesn’t, and inform your future strategy as you navigate the ever-changing identity landscape.

Tune in below for Episode Six of How to Thrive in the Cookieless Present with Havas Media Group‘s Head of Data Solutions & AdTech, Kevin Fernandes, to learn how Havas and the ID5 ID enabled Baiada to see a 19x uplift in engagement in cookieless Safari.

You can also click here to to watch the episode via YouTube.