ID5 Reveals Essential Criteria For Evaluating Universal ID Solutions In New Guide For Brands

  • Posted by Jo Rosamilia
  • On Apr 20, 2023

The Guide Equips Advertisers With The Knowledge And Tools To Navigate The UID Selection Process

Having a better understanding of the identity landscape is crucial for brands as they look to build out a solid addressability strategy. Between all the cookieless solutions available, universal identifiers (UIDs) have emerged as one of the most valuable alternatives to conventional identifiers.

However, with the proliferation of identifiers – there are currently over 40 identifiers trying to establish themselves as valid alternatives – understanding the difference between IDs and their effectiveness is key to prioritize what to test and, eventually, adopt.

Unlocking the value of cookieless: a brand’s guide to leveraging universal IDs, published today by ID5, aims to provide brands with the knowledge and tools needed to evaluate and prioritize the identifiers that they want to test and eventually adopt to make the most of the cookieless present and prepare for the future. 

Within, ID5 outlines the key criteria to differentiate UID solutions – scale, data protection standards, reconciliation methodologies, interoperability and GEO availability. 

Besides providing a visual representation of the top 20 ID solutions available, the guide also offers an in-depth, step-by-step outline on how to identify the universal ID best suited for their needs. 

It can be daunting for brands to grasp how to work with UIDs and, as a result, can leave them stuck in the belief that they don’t have the necessary tools, partnerships or capabilities in place to best leverage them. However, as the guide outlines, there is a pathway for every type of brand, meaning less confusion which should lead to more action.

Marketers are facing concerns over ROI in an environment of economic uncertainty and preparing for the cookieless future. It is crucial for brands to choose the best solution to influence their demand partners to build a solid addressability strategy. 

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