ID5 Enables Telefónica to Optimize its Identity Strategy and Reduce CPA by Over 50%

  • Posted by Valbona Gjini
  • On Jun 28, 2023

ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, in partnership with global media agency Havas Media Group, today announced that they enabled multinational telecommunications company Telefónica to reach audiences in cookieless environments and reduce CPA by 54% through ID5’s next-generation universal identifier. 

Advertisers have traditionally relied upon conventional identification methods such as third-party cookies to reach audiences effectively and at scale. However, with browsers already blocking third-party cookies, many brands are choosing to invest most of their campaign dollars in Chrome to activate data and apply the strategies necessary to engage with audiences. But with decreased supply and high demand comes high CPMs, reducing advertisers’ ROI.

Recognizing the need for an alternative to conventional identification methods, Telefónica and its media partner Havas decided to embrace the opportunity that cookieless browsers offer by testing the ID5 ID in Spain with a full-funnel approach. 

“Limitations on third-party cookies have been a growing concern among advertisers and agencies,” said Cristina Pitto, PMO Cookieless Global Media, Telefónica. “The test with ID5 shed light into how campaigns could be run in cookieless environments without affecting campaign performance.”

The ID5 ID enables the demand side to operate across channels by supporting all the use cases that make digital advertising effective. In this specific campaign, ID5’s solution was used to target, frequency cap, measure performance and verify ads.

The collaboration between the teams at Telefónica, Havas, and ID5, proved extremely successful. Telefónica and Havas saw CPL reduced by 34%. In addition to savings per lead, Telefónica and Havas also saw CPA reduce by 54% compared to other solutions.

“These results demonstrate the power and efficiency cookieless alternatives like ID5 can have on programmatically delivered campaigns,” said Nicolás Bouchet, Global Head of Data & Digital Transformation, Havas. “The benefits were clear and the value of the ID5 ID was evident to all parties involved, in particular in implementing targeting, ad verification, frequency capping, and measurement strategies.”

A key success factor of the test was the adoption of the ID5 ID on the supply side. The Havas trading team took the opportunity to increase the adoption of ID5 amongst publishers within the Spanish market to boost the campaign scale. 

“Our collaboration with Telefónica and Havas highlights the significant value that ID5 ID brings to the advertising ecosystem,” said Mathieu Roche, Co-founder & CEO at ID5. “As 2024 approaches, we anticipate an increasing number of brands and agencies looking to achieve similar results with alternative solutions. We are pleased to work with innovative partners like Havas who are enabling their clients to maximize the value of cookieless audiences today while setting them up for success in the post-cookie era”.

Download the case study.