ID5 Partners with Adsquare to Enhance Ad Relevance

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  • On Oct 25, 2023

ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, announced a partnership with Adsquare, the leading location intelligence platform for advertisers and marketers, to enhance audience addressability across European markets. By leveraging ID5’s cross-device capabilities, Adsquare aims to improve the availability of their solutions across all devices and environments.

To maintain relevance in an evolving digital world, brands must connect with their audiences wherever they are. Adsquare helps marketers do this by leveraging geo-spatial data science to empower marketers with data-driven solutions that dramatically enhance omnichannel campaign planning, activation, and measurement. ID5’s ID and cross-device graph simplify identification by harmonizing various signals (mobile advertising IDs, CTV data, etc) to offer privacy-conscious user recognition and enable seamless marketing campaigns across devices. 

By working in tandem, Adsquare and ID5 empower brands to deliver relevant messaging and high-quality experiences to their customers as they travel the world or simply shift attention from a smartphone to a connected TV, or laptop. As a result of this partnership, marketers can increase addressability in cookie-free environments across the open internet and Adsquare’s product portfolio to deliver high-quality experiences to consumers. 

In the wake of the third-party cookie demise, brands and platforms alike must seek out solutions that embolden them to operate in a landscape where traditional signals are obfuscated for third parties. ID5’s solutions rely on a variety of first-party signals shared directly by media owners to reconcile users’ identity across environments. This innovative approach mitigates the risks associated with signal loss to protect revenue streams while complying with regulatory requirements. By joining forces ID5 and Adsquare are providing end users with a future-proof service that yields both long- and short-term benefits. 

Privacy and data protection play a critical role in building trust with Adsquare’s 1,800+ customers, which include well-known global companies. To maintain a trusted relationship with its users Adsquare sought out a partner that embraces a similar privacy-conscious approach. Designed with data protection regulations in mind, ID5 utilizes user consent signals to construct its identity graph, ensuring the preservation of users’ privacy preferences while delivering a GDPR-compliant solution to clients. This partnership ultimately empowers advertisers with greater cross-channel and location-based targeting capabilities while upholding core privacy principles. 

Mathieu Roche, CEO and Co-Founder at ID5, commented on the partnership, saying, “We are excited to partner with Adsquare, to support brands navigate the evolving digital landscape. Together, we will empower businesses to connect with their audiences more effectively and responsibly, by combining ID5’s leading identity solutions with Adsquare’s robust location intelligence capabilities.”

“At Adsquare, we are thrilled to partner with ID5 because it’s our commitment to empowering businesses with the tools they need to understand, engage, and connect with their audiences across every digital touchpoint. In a world where seamless, personalized experiences matter more than ever, this technology enables us to pave the way for brands to forge stronger connections with their customers, all while respecting their privacy and preferences.”, says Tom Laband, CEO of Adsquare.

The partnership between ID5 and Adsquare signifies a major step forward in the world of digital marketing to increase audience addressability across major European markets. By combining their innovative technology and commitment to data protection, ID5 and Adsquare will provide marketers and advertisers with the tools they need to thrive in the cookieless era.