​​Navigating the Privacy Landscape – Identity 2024

  • Posted by ajones@id5.io
  • On Feb 01, 2024

With differing privacy legislation coming into effect, particularly in the US, it is more important than ever for the industry to adhere to a unified set of privacy standards. ID5’s Identity 2024 session “Setting the Standard: Privacy and Data Protection in Digital Advertising” explored different ways privacy and ad tech professionals can navigate the patchwork data protection landscape. 

Moderated by ID5’s CEO and Co-Founder, Mathieu Roche, the session featured a distinguished panel comprising Anthony Katsur (CEO, IAB Tech Lab), Lisa Abousaleh (CEO & Co-founder, Neutronian), Linda Thielová (DPO, Head of Privacy Centre of Excellence, OneTrust), and Arielle Garcia (Founder, ASG Solutions). This panel of industry experts will provide insights into best practices and offer their perspectives on achieving standardization in privacy.

If you missed ‘Setting the Standard: Privacy and Data Protection in Digital Advertising’ or want to revisit it, you can stream it on-demand now.

What can you expect from the discussion? Highlights and key themes include:

  • Tips to navigate the patchwork privacy landscape
  • How Privacy and Marketing teams can collaborate for success 
  • The steps organizations can take to go beyond using privacy tech but integrating privacy values 
  • How to shift the focus from compliance to building trust through transparency 

And if you want to watch the entire event now, you can now access all sessions. Identity 2024 took a look ahead at the challenges advertisers, publishers, and platforms can expect in 2025 as Google begins Chrome Cookie Deprecation. We also explored other channels, such as CTV, to help you best structure an all-rounded, omnichannel identity strategy.