The Economics of Programmatic – Identity 2024

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  • On Feb 09, 2024

As advances in identity-based buying continue, the traditional rules that govern the economics of programmatic are changing.  Although price and ad quality are still important, new factors such as privacy compliance, signal availability and overall scale come into play. 

ID5’s Identity 2024 session, The Economics of Programmatic, explores the future of the programmatic advertising landscape to provide advertisers with insight as to what they can expect. 

If you missed “The Economics of Programmatic” or want to revisit it, you can stream it on-demand now.

What can you expect from the discussion? Highlights and key themes include:

Moderator,  Tom Triscari, Programmatic Economist at Lemonade Projects spoke with Ian Whittaker, Managing Director and Owner, Liberty Sky Advisors and Joanna O’Connell, EVP, Innovation, R3 about the “new normal” in the economics of programmatic as the industry moves away from conventional identifiers.

  • How marketers can navigate the shift in identity alongside technology and legislative changes 
  • What does it mean to have an outcome-based mindset when it comes to programmatic advertising

And if you want to watch the entire event now, you can now access all sessions. Identity 2024 took a look ahead at the challenges advertisers, publishers, and platforms can expect in 2025 as Google begins Chrome Cookie Deprecation. We also explored other channels, such as CTV, to help you best structure an all-rounded, omnichannel identity strategy.