Identity 2024  Fireside Chat:  In Conversation with Bob Lord

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  • On Feb 14, 2024

In this Identity 2024 session, Mathieu Roche and Bob Lord discuss the evolution of the digital advertising industry over the years and the role that identity has played in it.  

Bob Lord, IBM SVP, is a global leader ushering in a new era of innovation where organizations seamlessly share data globally to achieve common goals.  He’s convened a powerful ecosystem, uniting clients, partners, and competitors to tackle complex challenges faced by business and society. 

Over the past decade, Bob championed open standards and initiated Call for Code, engaging 500,000+ developers and 160,000+ students to address societal issues using IBM technology. 

If you missed “In Conversation with Bob Lord” or want to revisit it, you can stream it on-demand now.

What can you expect from the discussion? Highlights and key themes include:

ID5’s Identity 2024 session,In Conversation with Bob Lord, explores how identity can be leveraged once third -party cookies are gone:

  • The role AI will play in programmatic advertising in the future 
  • The power of first-party data and how to leverage it as an asset 
  • Understand how to create a strong value proposition

And if you want to watch the entire event now, you can now access all sessions. Identity 2024 took a look ahead at the challenges advertisers, publishers, and platforms can expect in 2025 as Google begins Chrome Cookie Deprecation. We also explored other channels, such as CTV, to help you best structure an all-rounded, omnichannel identity strategy