Triton Digital Partners with ID5 to Enhance Audio Targeting

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  • On Mar 13, 2024

Triton Digital, the global technology and services leader to the digital audio, podcast, and broadcast radio industries, today announced its partnership with ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, to introduce rich audience data to Triton’s Audio Marketplace. This partnership will improve advertising targeting and addressability in the audio space while complying with privacy regulations globally.

Through its new product, Identity Enrichment, Triton Digital customers will be able to leverage the identifiers provided by ID5 to enrich audio listener profiles with more detailed and accurate information. ID5’s next-generation universal identifier leverages a variety of consented signals provided by media owners to securely identify users without compromising privacy and data protection. By making audio publishers’ inventory addressable, advertisers can better engage with their audiences within this channel that currently operates without a universal currency. 

“At ARN, our partnership with Triton Digital and ID5 signifies a pivotal moment in audio advertising. This collaboration enhances our targeting precision and compliance with privacy regulations, allowing us to create richer listener profiles,” said Fayad Tohme, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at ARN. “We’re excited about the possibilities this brings, making audio an even more compelling avenue for advertisers to connect with their audiences. Being a partner in the proof-of-concept phase allowed us to convert 60% of our un-addressable audience to addressable, greatly benefiting our advertisers and trading partners.”

“ID5’s ID technology is transforming how the advertising world operates through the creation of listener profiles and its privacy-first approach,” said Benjamin Masse, Chief Product Officer at Triton Digital. “Providing access to these listener profiles, supported by rich data, will enhance the value of the inventory available in the Triton Digital Audio Marketplace. We are encouraged by the promising results we have witnessed so far and are excited to be partnering with ID5 to bring this technology to more advertisers.” 

The Triton Audio Marketplace offers access to one of the largest single pools of audio audiences, with billions of audio ad impressions, allowing marketers and agencies to transact on all forms of audio inventory. The availability of listener profiles and improved inventory addressability will help advertisers build more meaningful connections and reach more audiences. In doing so, audio becomes even more of a compelling path to invest in, on par or surpassing other forms of media. 

“Audio is an appealing new channel that lacks a unique identifier to effectively monetize publishers’ audiences. By leveraging the power of identity, ID5 and Triton are maturing this channel and effectively enabling media owners to maximize revenue opportunities,” said Catilin Borgmann, ID5’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We are excited to bring our privacy first technology together with Triton’s vast audio audience pool, experience, and expertise to enhance audio addressability.”

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About ID5

ID5 was created to improve online advertising for consumers, media owners, and advertisers, with the ultimate goal of helping publishers grow sustainable revenue. ID5 provides the advertising ecosystem with a transparent, scalable, and privacy-compliant identity infrastructure. Its solutions enable user recognition across media properties and devices, bringing addressability across all digital advertising channels. This enables media owners to better monetize their audiences, advertisers to run effective and measurable campaigns, and platforms to maximize the value of data and inventory for their customers. Created in 2017 by seasoned ad tech professionals, ID5 services clients globally.