ID5 Announces Integration with Adobe Advertising For Enhanced Audience Engagement and Measurement

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  • On Mar 27, 2024

Today, ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, announced its partnership with Adobe Advertising to enable marketers to reach their audiences and measure advertising impact without conventional IDs. The collaboration supports brands in navigating the new age of digital identity by minimizing the impact of signal loss and by offering technologies that respect people’s privacy preferences.

By combining ID5’s next-generation ID with Adobe Advertising, marketers gain access to a powerful suite of tools designed to make advertising addressable and effective in the absence of traditional identifiers such as third-party cookies.

Widely distributed by major supply-side platforms (SSP) and publishers across the advertising ecosystem, the ID5 ID enables marketers to connect with high-value global audiences across both onsite and paid media channels. Connecting this addressability technology with Adobe Advertising’s ability to streamline data and experiences across digital channels, brands can now  perform prospecting, retargeting, and measurement in cookieless environments while delivering engaging experiences that drive conversions.

Marketers can utilize native capabilities within the Adobe Experience Cloud to transform signals from site visitors into ID5 IDs for reaching their audiences offsite. In addition, advertisers can activate third-party segments in the Adobe Advertising DSP Audience Library, powered by publishers and data providers through the ID5 integration. Marketers can also measure the view-through conversions of ID5 enabled audiences within Adobe Advertising and Adobe Analytics.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Adobe to facilitate marketers’ transition to the cookieless world,” said Mathieu Roche, ID5 CEO and Co-Founder. “Through this partnership, we can offer advertisers a solution specifically designed to enhance addressability and support their key use cases while providing data protection mechanisms that respect consumer’s preferences.”

“In this new age of media and digital identity, advertisers need activation and measurement solutions that help grow their business,” said Greg Collison, Head of Product, Adobe Advertising, “Our partnership with ID5 underscores Adobe’s commitment to empowering brands with more flexibility in their advertising and customer acquisition efforts across paid media channels.” 

In an era of rapid technological evolution and shifting privacy regulations, marketers can look to partnerships like ID5 and Adobe’s to propel growth. By embracing this alliance, brands unlock new opportunities for engagement, building a resilient addressability strategy.