ID5’s Team Gets Moving for Mental Health Awareness Month

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  • On May 15, 2024

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month and this year’s theme“Movement: Moving more for our mental health”, we asked ID5’s team how they use movement to support their wellbeing. One of the many benefits ID5 provides is access to a Health and Wellness fund, which provides our global team members with 100 (€/$/£) each month to use towards an activity that supports their general wellness. 

Here are some of the ways ID5’s team uses this perk to support their mental health year round.

Mental Health Awareness Month Movement

Chris Parkinson, Senior ML Engineer

How does movement support your mental health?

For me, the ocean has always brought a feeling of tranquility, as well as possibility and excitement, and the only thing better than being by the sea is being under it! Some dives are relaxing, others are thrilling – you can choose your own adventure – but there’s always a great sense of achievement. You leave your worries at the surface and experience another world entirely.

Valbona Gjini, Vice President of Marketing and Communications

How does movement support your mental health?

I started practicing yoga during a challenging time when both my mental and physical health were struggling. It quickly became my refuge, enabling me to build strength in my body and offering moments of peace in the midst of my turbulent thoughts

Adriana Jones Lima, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager

How does movement support your mental health?

I started running with Flygirl Collective during the pandemic. While running has great physical benefits the mental and emotional support I’ve received from this group over the years is what I value the the most.

Jessica Werner, Senior Director of Publisher Operations

How do you use ID5’s wellness fund to support your mental health?

I’ve taken advantage of ID5’s learning and development sponsorship to participate in wellness retreats such as Tracy Duh’s Hydrate Summit, Rob Dial’s Fulfillment Retreat, Forever Athlete’s “Away Game” Retreat, and an Austin based Comfort Zone Retreat. These all include varying activities such as yoga, meditation, paddleboarding, hiking, and cold plunges.

Jack Brawn, Head of Recruitment,

How does movement support your mental health?

While most people wouldn‘t consider getting punched in the face therapeutic, boxing has taught me mental discipline and been a stress relief outlet for me.

Maria Buchnieva, Director of Finance

How do you use the ID5 wellness fund to support your mental health?

I use the ID5 wellness funds for a meditation app and guitar lessons, both of which make me happy!