No Cookies, No Problem! Cookieless Checklists for Brands and Publishers

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  • On May 15, 2024

After a long farewell, cookie removal in Chrome is well underway. While brands and publishers may have a slightly longer grace period than initially expected, 1% of cookies have already been removed which means brands and publishers who aren’t using a cookie alternative are missing out on connecting with about 35 million Chrome users today. Not to mention the almost 1 billion Safari users and 178 million Firefox users.  

Fortunately, tried and tested alternatives exist that can help bridge the gap today. What are the solutions? Well, the majority of the industry considers universal IDs to be the front runner in the cookieless race. Built with privacy in mind, this alternative is the future proof solution that the advertising industry has been waiting for. In addition to this alternative IDs can also be used in tandem with other alternatives to further enhance impact. 

No Cookies, No Problem

While the best time to prepare for the cookieless world was yesterday, today is the next best option for brands and publishers to adopt a solution or refine their strategy.  The ID5 team has put together a simple yet effective guide, “No Cookies, No Problem”, to help marketers and publishers leverage universal IDs to the fullest capabilities. 

Effective preparation requires cooperation and means that an organization will only be as prepared as its partners are. According to a recent ID5 survey, 75% of publishers believe that their tech partners are behind on preparing for the cookieless future. This guide provides actionable insights that can help brands and publishers work in tandem with their tech partners to ensure a smooth transition to the cookieless world. The guide also features tips from industry leaders from Adobe, Havas, Captify. Neutronian, Sincera, Connatix, Index Exchange, and OpenX to help readers fully maximize their ID use.   

So what are you waiting for? Check this off your list and get cookieless ready today.

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