ID5 at Cannes ’24: Industry Leader Insights

  • Posted by Jo Rosamilia
  • On Jul 11, 2024

Cannes Lions is the premier event for connecting with clients, partners, and industry prospects, providing a unique platform to gauge the pulse of the industry. This year, we seized the opportunity to gather invaluable insights from industry leaders during Cannes Lions 2024.

Our video series delves into key questions shaping the future of the industry:

  • Were our experts expecting Google’s most recent cookie deprecation delay in Chrome?
  • What do they think addressability will look like in 2025?
  • What others channels do they believe would benefit from a better addressability system?

Plus, we got up-close and personal, learning more about our industry leaders’ journeys at Cannes Lions over the years. Join us as we uncover the latest trends, innovations, and perspectives from the brightest minds in the industry. Watch our exclusive video series and stay ahead of the curve. View the playlist >

Our Industry Leaders

We interviewed the following industry experts at Cannes Lions ’24: