Interoperability & Collaboration in Identity – Identity 2023

  • Posted by Valbona Gjini
  • On Feb 24, 2023

Session three from our flagship event, Identity 2023, was ‘Interoperability & Collaboration in Identity’ featuring Gareth Davies, SVP Product at TransUnion/Neustar, Eliza Nevers, Chief Product Officer at Lotame, Devon DeBlasio, VP, Product Marketing at InfoSum, moderated by Caitlin Borgman, Chief Commercial Officer at ID5.

Identification in digital advertising is complex and fragmented. There is a plethora of available identity solutions and environments (web, mobile, and CTV) where people consume content and access services. To give advertisers a holistic view of their customers, identity solution providers that have achieved adoption and scale must find ways of partnering to make their technologies interoperable. In this panel, these experts from the identity space will explain why the future of addressability relies on interoperability and collaboration.

If you missed ‘Interoperability & Collaboration in Identity’ or want to revisit it, you can click below to access it on-demand now. What can you expect from the discussion? Highlights and key themes include:

  • Defining the concept of interoperability, which can be understood as ‘the ability to map two identifiers together so that if one partner has data associated with one ID, and another partner has data associated with another ID, they can translate and bring those datasets together’.
  • Are first-party data and email enough to scale in the cookieless future? Or are other methodologies essential to thrive?
  • The importance of testing and understanding that the industry is going through significant changes, so be sure to think forward and don’t look at what has already been done to influence what you expect regarding future results.

And if you’re looking for more from the event, stay tuned for the publication of all eight sessions in the coming weeks. As a recap, this year’s event produced eight thought-provoking sessions brought to you by leaders from across the industry as our event partners, such as Amobee, MediaMath, PubMatic, Sovrn, Unruly and Verve Group. Session topics include balancing data protection and data-driven advertising, the link between addressability and profitability, the importance of interoperability, a changing privacy landscape, the evolving role of the SSP, how publishers can fill the identity gap, the mobile environment and what the future holds for identity.