How Publishers Can Fill the Identity Gap – Identity 2023

  • Posted by Valbona Gjini
  • On Mar 30, 2023

Session seven from our flagship event, Identity 2023, was ‘How Publishers Can Fill the Identity Gap’ by Sovrn, featuring a presentation brought to you by Sovrn’s Managing Director, Ad Management, Peter Cunha, and Salon’s Chief Revenue Officer, Justin Wohl.

2023 promises to be the year the cookieless rubber meets the road for the ecosystem as a whole. What options do publishers have that can meet the buyer’s “scale” requirements, and how can we ensure that all open web stakeholders and the industry as a whole are rowing in the same direction towards the right solutions?

If you missed ‘How Publishers Can Fill the Identity Gap’ or want to revisit it, click below to access it on-demand now.

What can you expect from the discussion? Highlights and key themes include:

  • Answering the question of: what does 2023 look like for the programmatic advertising space?
  • A look at the different approaches for tackling the addressability challenge.
  • A dig into the data behind the adoption of universal IDs and the buyside’s reliance on third-party cookies
  • They share results on the benefits for publishers in leveraging the ID5 ID and Sovrn signal.

And if you’re looking for more from the event, stay tuned for the publication of all eight sessions in the coming weeks. As a recap, this year’s event produced eight thought-provoking sessions brought to you by leaders from across the industry as our event partners, such as Amobee, MediaMath, PubMatic, Sovrn, Unruly and Verve Group. Session topics include balancing data protection and data-driven advertising, the link between addressability and profitability, the importance of interoperability, a changing privacy landscape, the evolving role of the SSP, how publishers can fill the identity gap, the mobile environment and what the future holds for identity.