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Jan 25, 2024

How-to guide: Publisher installation of the ID5 ID for Mobile In-App

If you are a mobile app publisher considering integrating the ID5 ID, keep reading to discover how to deploy our next-generation consented identifier across your inventory to maximize audience addressability and monetization opportunities. With the growing emphasis on data privacy and deteriorating access to Mobile Ad Identifiers (MAIDs), it’s essential for publishers to utilize effective […]

Jan 25, 2024

How-to guide: Publisher installation of the ID5 ID for CTV

The new era of digital advertising is upon us. As the entire industry is adapting to the world without traditional identifiers, navigating various solutions, integrations, and technologies may be a daunting task. We are here to make that process as simple and transparent as possible. Read on and discover how to effortlessly deploy the ID5 […]

Mar 24, 2022

First-party IDs and identity resolution methods explained

The digital advertising ecosystem is heavily reliant on conventional identification tools that are set to be blocked soon. Ad tech platforms have built their technology on third-party cookies and mobile ad IDs to enable brands to deliver personalized experiences to their audience. Third-party cookies and MAIDs have been used as deterministic signals to identify, track, […]