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May 04, 2022

ID5 Is First Identity Provider To Receive Neutronian Certification

ID5, the market leading identity solution provider, announced today that it is the first identity provider in the industry to receive certification from Neutronian. The certification confirms that its privacy-first IdentityCloud suite, incorporating both cookieless and cookie-based identity solutions, meets or exceeds industry standards. Neutronian Certification is a comprehensive, independent verification of data quality and […]

Dec 20, 2021

Addressing the Adalytics report – investigation results

20 December 2021 Following the Adalytics research reported in a TechCrunch article published on Friday, Dec 17, the ID5 team has paused all its activities in Europe and launched a thorough analysis of the suggestion that we were storing cookies on users’ devices even when they did not consent to us processing personal data about […]

Dec 17, 2021

Addressing the TechCrunch article and Adalytics report – a message from ID5’s CEO

17 December 2021 On behalf of ID5, I want to address the article published by TechCrunch referring to an Adalytics report in which ID5 is accused of not respecting users’ opt-out signals transmitted to us via TCF Consent Strings. ID5 has built an identification infrastructure enabling data-driven advertising while respecting users’ privacy preferences. We believe […]

Dec 13, 2021

The Essential Ingredients To Create A Future-Proofed Infrastructure

How can the adtech industry ensure its long-term sustainability? The forthcoming deprecation of third-party cookies, as well as mobile advertiser IDs (MAIDs), have been of grave concern to many within the industry since they were announced. Publishers and app developers currently rely on third-party cookies and MAIDs to better monetise their inventory, while brands leverage […]

Dec 02, 2021

Join us for Identity 2022

ID5’s annual event is back, and this year it will be bigger and more insightful than ever before. We have partnered with some of the most renowned innovators and thought leaders in the identity space, including Adform, InMobi, MediaMath, Piano and PubMatic, to create a jam-packed schedule of educational and compelling content. 2021 has been […]

Nov 29, 2021

How Should Brands Make Their Transition to a Cookie-less Future?

ID5 publishes a guide outlining all the steps advertisers need to take to successfully migrate to a better, privacy-first identification infrastructure Marketers and media planners have for years relied on third-party cookies to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time. But the era of the third-party cookie is coming to […]

Sep 07, 2020

Throtle and ID5 Partner to Fuel Cookieless Identity Capabilities

Red Bank, NJ — August 31 2020: Throtle, a leader in identity resolution, data onboarding, and emerging cookieless identities has partnered with ID5, the independent identity solution for digital advertising, to allow brands and publishers to identify consumers without using third-party cookies across channels and devices. The advertising industry is redefining industry practices in 2020 and […]

May 27, 2020

The Advertising Identity Guide: a resource to help you prepare for the cookie-less future

Identity is the foundation of digital advertising as it enables core capabilities like profiling and targeting, frequency capping, and performance attribution. The death of the 3rd party cookie has brought lots of attention to Identity and is forcing the industry to redesign the way we identify users for advertising purposes. In the last few weeks, […]

Mar 04, 2020

Chrome 2022: does the end of cookies mean the end of ad tech?

Google’s announcements on the end of third-party cookies in its Chrome browser by 2022 has shaken the digital advertising industry. What are the solution that can help identify users when 3rd party cookies will be phased out? Are first-party data becoming more important in a world without 3rd party cookies? Will we still need 2nd […]

Jan 28, 2020

Identity 2022 On-Demand

2021 has been nothing short of an eventful year in the identity space, primarily with Google postponing the deprecation of third-party cookies and Apple’s latest updates. We can expect a pivotal year in 2022 as the industry prepares to migrate to a new privacy-focused infrastructure that does not rely on traditional identification methods such as […]

Dec 13, 2019

The impact of cookie matching on publisher websites

Cookie matching has been, in the past 10 years, the method the industry has used to share user-level information in the advertising value chain. Cookie syncing is a system that has worked relatively fine in a small, lightly regulated ecosystem but it’s no longer sustainable in today’s privacy-first, crowded programmatic industry.  With the fast expansion […]