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Mar 16, 2023

Publishers should be proactive in their approach to the post-cookie era: Identity Talks with Freestar

In this issue of Identity Talks, we sit down with with Freestar’s Chief Technology Officer, Premesh Purayil to chat about why publishers should be proactive in their approach to the post-cookie era and more. What is the series all about? The Identity Talks series invites publisher, advertiser, and platform partners to share their insights on the big […]

Jan 13, 2023

Why supply-side platforms (SSPs) hold the key to a bright future for digital advertising

The digital media industry is going through a fundamental transformation driven by technical, regulatory, and behavioral changes. Supply-side platforms (SSPs) have a vital role to play in ensuring their publisher clients can benefit from the latest developments and innovations, particularly when it comes to addressability. Publishers rely on supply-side platforms to maximize demand density With […]

Dec 21, 2022

2023 expert predictions: what lies in store for addressable digital advertising?

Before we dive into our experts’ predictions around addressable digital advertising, let’s first look back at the past 12 months. 2022 has been nothing short of a turbulent year for the digital media ecosystem. We have seen the industry’s most loved events, Cannes Lions and DMEXCO, return to in-person, the mobile world turn upside-down with […]

Oct 19, 2022

ID5 on the Road London event write-up

Landing in London for the first time in almost three years, ID5 on the Road London took place on October 11, 2022 and was a great success. Inviting experts from across the industry to join us on stage, we saw buy-side discussions, sell-side perspectives, omnichannel deep dives, data protection discussions and more. If you weren’t […]

Sep 26, 2022

DMEXCO 2022: ID5’s breakfast event highlights

After three years, ID5 has finally made it back to DMEXCO for 2022! We decided to kick things off with a breakfast event, incorporating a lineup of panel discussions and presentations to share the latest developments on identity in digital advertising. Keep on reading to find out the highlights from the conversations that took place: […]

Aug 22, 2022

The role of ID distribution platforms explained

What are ID distribution platforms? ID distribution platforms are technologies that facilitate the implementation and management of alternative identity solutions as part of their offering. These platforms are incredibly valuable for publishers in a world where 35% of browser share is already cookieless and therefore unaddressable because they streamline ID management and enable the sharing […]

Aug 19, 2022

ID5 Partner Q&A: Blockthrough

In this issue of the ID5 Partner Q&A series, we sit down for a Q&A with Blockthrough and hear from their Head of Strategy, Graham Michels to ask him seven questions about identity and preparing for the oncoming changes. What is the series all about? The Q&A with ID5 series invites its publisher, advertiser, and platform partners to […]

Aug 03, 2022

The role of data clean rooms in a privacy-first world

Data clean rooms have earned themselves a spot in the ‘hot topics’ category in recent months, but don’t be fooled, they are no new phenomenon to the industry. They have been around for many years but are now taking center stage for one overarching reason: the industry is becoming more and more privacy-focused. As we […]

Jun 29, 2022

Why advertisers should blaze the identity trail

Identity is the backbone of digital advertising. The ability to identify users enables brands to reach their audience effectively and implement essential campaign strategies such as targeting, frequency capping, and measurement. Today we live in a hybrid world where some environments are addressable and others are not. Historically, advertisers have relied upon third-party cookies and […]

May 30, 2022

Q&A with ID5: Piano

In this issue of ID5’s Partner Q&A series, we sit down with Piano’s Chief Growth Officer, Joanna Catalano to ask her seven questions surrounding some of the latest trends and figures in identity. What is the series all about? The Q&A with ID5 series invites its publisher, advertiser, and platform partners to share their insights on the hot […]

May 20, 2022

The role of data providers and why third-party data doesn’t belong in the past

The role of the data provider Data providers are companies that collect user data and sell it to third parties to enrich their audience for targeting purposes. A data provider can own the property where the data is collected and sold, or act as a third party to the page. They provide marketers with audience […]

May 11, 2022

Navigating the new identity era: Why preparation is key for publishers

If history has taught us anything, it’s that there are always lessons to be learned and mindsets to be shifted. If you’ve been in the digital advertising industry for any length of time, you’ll likely know there’s no shortage of lessons to go around. The world of advertising has rapidly evolved over the years keeping […]