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Jun 29, 2022

Why advertisers should blaze the identity trail

Identity is the backbone of digital advertising. The ability to identify users enables brands to reach their audience effectively and implement essential campaign strategies such as targeting, frequency capping, and measurement. Today we live in a hybrid world where some environments are addressable and others are not. Historically, advertisers have relied upon third-party cookies and […]

Jun 27, 2022

How-to guide: publisher installation of the ID5 ID module via Prebid

If you’re a publisher considering integrating the ID5 ID, you may also be considering doing so via Prebid, the most widely used header bidding wrapper on the web., an engine that crawls 209,975 of the top websites, has identified that 100,043 of those publishers are using Prebid. Prebid was launched in 2015 to simplify […]

Jun 07, 2022

How-to guide: publisher integration of the ID5 ID via Google Secure Signals

If you are a publisher considering integrating the ID5 ID, keep on reading to find out how straightforward it is to integrate with us via Google Secure Signals. We know that the new era of digital advertising is daunting – the entire industry having to adapt to a world without traditional identifiers is quite the […]