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Sep 19, 2019

Mathieu Roche discusses the Identity challenge on TraderTalk TV

Our CEO, Mathieu Roche was interviewed by ExchangeWire’s Ciaran O’Kane for this episode of TraderTalk TV. Mathieu and Ciaran discussed the identity challenge affecting frequency capping, measurement, attribution, and basic-level targeting. Watch the video to learn more about– The underlying challenges facing ad tech providers within the privacy-first world, with particular reference to ID match […]

Sep 19, 2019

Whether you rely on 1st or 3rd party data, browsers’ tracking restriction will impact us all equally

Recent announcements about Safari and Firefox’ restrictions to read and write third party cookies have sparked many press articles explaining that this would signal the end of third party data and that first-party data would rule the world. Just because “data” and “cookies” can both be “First Party” or “Third Party” doesn’t mean these notions […]

Sep 05, 2019

The Ultimate Dmexco 2019 Party Guide

There are some great parties scheduled for Dmexco this year, from local players and international advertising companies alike.  Tuesday After the long journey on the Bidswitch Express / Ratecard Express – or a day spent discussing universal identity at the Online Ad Summit – followed by a quick skål with the IAB Sweden in the Radisson Blu […]