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Oct 17, 2023

Register for ID5’s flagship virtual event, Identity 2024

ID5 is pleased to announce that its virtual event is back and registrations for Identity 2024 are now open. With the countdown to the demise of third-party cookies well and truly underway, 2024 looks set to be a pivotal year for the digital advertising industry. Google will be switching off third-party cookies for 1% of […]

May 09, 2023

Webinar: Raising Your Privacy Standards & Picking The Right Partners

Trust and transparency are crucial for the companies participating in today’s media landscape as well as the consumers whose data is being collected and leveraged to facilitate their businesses. As a company, you can be very diligent in implementing technology and processes to comply with data protection regulations. But you alone are not enough to […]

Apr 20, 2023

ID5 Reveals Essential Criteria For Evaluating Universal ID Solutions In New Guide For Brands

The Guide Equips Advertisers With The Knowledge And Tools To Navigate The UID Selection Process Having a better understanding of the identity landscape is crucial for brands as they look to build out a solid addressability strategy. Between all the cookieless solutions available, universal identifiers (UIDs) have emerged as one of the most valuable alternatives […]

May 04, 2022

ID5 Is First Identity Provider To Receive Neutronian Certification

ID5, the market leading identity solution provider, announced today that it is the first identity provider in the industry to receive certification from Neutronian. The certification confirms that its privacy-first IdentityCloud suite, incorporating both cookieless and cookie-based identity solutions, meets or exceeds industry standards. Neutronian Certification is a comprehensive, independent verification of data quality and […]

Jan 20, 2022

CPEx integrates the ID5 ID to help advertisers reach users in cookieless environments and increases click-through rate by 62%

Due to the restrictions of third-party cookies, particularly on Firefox, Safari and Edge, companies from across the ad-tech industry are increasingly looking to test alternatives that will enable advertisers to continue to reach users in cookieless environments. Once such case is CPEx, who worked with DSP, Adform, SSP, Magnite, as well as a major European […]

Dec 13, 2021

The Essential Ingredients To Create A Future-Proofed Infrastructure

How can the adtech industry ensure its long-term sustainability? The forthcoming deprecation of third-party cookies, as well as mobile advertiser IDs (MAIDs), have been of grave concern to many within the industry since they were announced. Publishers and app developers currently rely on third-party cookies and MAIDs to better monetise their inventory, while brands leverage […]

Nov 29, 2021

How Should Brands Make Their Transition to a Cookie-less Future?

ID5 publishes a guide outlining all the steps advertisers need to take to successfully migrate to a better, privacy-first identification infrastructure Marketers and media planners have for years relied on third-party cookies to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time. But the era of the third-party cookie is coming to […]

Jan 28, 2020

Identity 2022 On-Demand

2021 has been nothing short of an eventful year in the identity space, primarily with Google postponing the deprecation of third-party cookies and Apple’s latest updates. We can expect a pivotal year in 2022 as the industry prepares to migrate to a new privacy-focused infrastructure that does not rely on traditional identification methods such as […]